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Zasilanie transformacji energetycznej — Seequent przedstawia Leapfrog Energy

Zasilanie transformacji energetycznej — Seequent przedstawia Leapfrog Energy

Subsurface software leaders bring geothermal experience and world-leading technology to energy industry

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renderowanie 3d w Seequent Leapfrog, które pokazuje schemat kawałka ziemi i geografię pod jego powierzchnią
GEOTHERMAL: A slice through geological and temperature models built in Leapfrog Energy of the Rotokawa and Ngā Tamariki Geothermal Fields in New Zealand, operated by Mercury.
31 maja 2023 r.

Christchurch, New Zealand – Seequent, The Bentley Subsurface Company, today introduces Leapfrog Energy, expanding the company’s offering to the energy industry to help solve the challenges of the rapidly evolving transition.

Leapfrog Energy brings together Seequent’s world-leading geological modelling solution and geostatistical capability, along with the company’s experience in geothermal, mining, civil engineering and environment, into a targeted industry solution.

Leapfrog Energy enables rapid understanding of subsurface properties, from even the sparsest amount of data, to help identify energy resources, assess ground conditions for offshore wind projects, and find locations for carbon capture, utilisation, and storage.

Jeremy O’Brien, Energy Segment Director, Seequent, said, “Seequent is a market leader in the geothermal industry with our geological modelling software Leapfrog. It feels like a natural step to extend Leapfrog to the rest of the energy industry, with a number of energy companies already using it for their energy transition initiatives.”

Key industry uses for Leapfrog Energy include:

  • Continuing to lead subsurface analysis in the geothermal industry – Seequent software already supports many of the world’s leading geothermal power producers, from well planning to sustainably operating a geothermal asset.
  • Wind energy – bringing clarity to the complexities of the sea floor and subsurface, helping wind operators understand how and where to site their turbines using industry-leading integrated ground modelling and structural design workflows.
  • Carbon Capture, Utilisation, and Storage (CCUS) – accelerating basin and reservoir screening to find the best places for capture and storage.
  • Oil and gas – complementing robust industry-standard workflows for reconnaissance and quality assurance with rapid geological modelling – with transformative reductions in modelling time.

O’Brien added, “Subsurface specialists need flexible and fast tools like Leapfrog Energy to understand subsurface conditions and share their knowledge in a way that resonates with technical and nontechnical stakeholders.”

Leapfrog Energy can be complemented with other solutions in the Seequent portfolio, including cloud collaboration tool Seequent Central, which allows multidisciplinary teams to track and share data, and our UXO solution for marine surveys. Seequent’s PLAXIS, for geotechnical analysis, and geophysics solution Oasis Montaj have been used in exploration by the energy majors for more than 30 years.

Graham Grant, Chief Executive Officer, Seequent, said, “Seequent’s comprehensive portfolio of subsurface solutions helps industries understand the subsurface to help them make clear, confident decisions, reach outcomes quickly, reduce cost and risk, and accelerate their innovation. The energy industry is in the midst of one of the largest industrial transitions in modern history. We understand this transition is complex, and that all parts of the energy industry have a key role to play. Seequent is committed to continue supporting the industry as it navigates the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

MORE INFORMATION: Leapfrog Energy product page

While Bentley’s infrastructure engineering offerings have become well established in major design institutes and owner organizations, the company is also pursuing substantial growth opportunities as a platform for software development and distribution by Chinese entities. Allen Li has end-to-end responsibility for all of Bentley’s business in China, including recent and potential future joint ventures to offer local Chinese products leveraging Bentley technology.

Bentley Chief Operating Officer Nicholas Cumins said, “China is unique in the world for the scale and digital advancement of its infrastructure engineering, meriting a unique approach in go-to-market. We welcome Allen Li as General Manager, a new role within our organization. His experience leading initiatives to ‘regionalize’ enterprise software in China will be instrumental to Bentley’s forward-looking priorities there.”

Allen Li said, “I am very impressed by the strength of Bentley’s product-market fit and its technology leadership for infrastructure engineering in China to date, and I am excited to have the opportunity to lead Bentley in its next phase of growth, leveraging local and partner resources, in China for China.”

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O firmie Seequent

Seequent builds world-leading subsurface software, helping to create a better understanding of the earth to ensure a better world for all. We are constantly evolving at the forefront of technology to transform how geo-professionals work, eliminating barriers to understanding the earth’s challenges by connecting teams with the tools they need.

Codziennie nasi klienci w ponad 100 krajach pracują nad bardziej zrównoważonym wykorzystaniem zasobów mineralnych, projektowaniem i budową lepszej infrastruktury, ochroną środowiska, pozyskiwaniem energii odnawialnej oraz pomagają w rozwiązaniu historycznych wyzwań, takich jak zanieczyszczenie wód gruntowych i starzejąca się infrastruktura.

Nasze zintegrowane oprogramowanie do modelowania form terenu, zarządzania geodanymi i współpracy zespołowej umożliwia klientom uzyskanie pełniejszego obrazu Ziemi, ponieważ lepsze zrozumienie gwarantuje trafniejsze decyzje — dla ludzi i dla planety.

Headquartered in New Zealand with global reach, Seequent is the subsurface software company within Bentley Systems. Together, we are helping build a more resilient world.

Seequent on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Press Contact: Liz Crawshaw, Senior Manager, External Communications, Seequent +6422 461 0899, [email protected]

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